Roofing Companies That Chase Storms: Are They Scamming You?

Has a roofing company ever knocked on your door after a bad storm? That may have been a storm chaser, a term used in the roofing industry to describe companies that follow storm damage from town to town, across state lines, selling their services door to door. Storm chasers are usually looking to make a quick buck by exploiting your insurance company, claiming that you’re in immediate need of repair. Like any industry, some companies can hurt the reputation of the entire trade. Keep reading to learn more about storm chasers, roofing scams, and how to protect yourself from being taken advantage of. 


  1. Storm chasers are roofing companies that often follow storm damage from place to place, targeting homeowners in need of repairs. Their main goal is to make a quick profit by exploiting your insurance company. It’s essential to be cautious when dealing with such companies, as they can potentially take advantage of your situation.
  2. To protect yourself from storm chasers and potential scams, you should be vigilant and look for specific indicators. These include unfamiliar businesses, pushy sales tactics, the lack of a local address or online presence, and the practice of going door to door to offer their services.
  3. The best way to protect yourself from roofing scams is to choose an experienced local roofing company with a solid reputation. Verify their qualifications, get a second opinion on the extent of damage, and never sign off your rights without careful consideration. Opting for a trustworthy local roofing company like Quality Roofing Pro can help ensure high-quality work and peace of mind in the long run.

How To Spot a Storm Chaser

Storm chasers can be easily identified if you know what to look for. Here are five questions to ask yourself the next time a roofer knocks on your door.

  1. Have you ever heard of the business?
    There are new small businesses being started in our communities all the time, but if this is your first time seeing this company, it may be because they’ve just rolled into town.
  2. Does the salesman seem “pushy”?
    There is a difference between a sales representative who is genuine about helping others and one who tries to use fear tactics to influence their prospects. They may even pressure you to file an insurance claim right away.
  3. Do they have a local address or office?
    Many contractors don’t have a dedicated office, however, a lack of an office nearby could mean that they have no roots in your community. Ask if they have a base of operations where you could meet with their sales representatives, or browse samples of their materials.
  4. Are they present online?
    This could be a big red flag. If you don’t find anything online about the company, they may not have very much experience yet or may not want to be found. A trustworthy roofing company should have plenty of information available online about their services and more. 
  5. Why are they going door to door?
    It’s unheard of for local roofing businesses to knock on doors, especially after a major storm. However, storm chasers will always go door to door, even when there hasn’t been any severe weather recently. 

How Their Roofing Scams Work

After a storm, storm chasers will come a-knocking, informing you of the damage the storm probably caused, and offering to inspect it for free while they’re there. They may even ask you to sign something before they will do the inspection, be careful as it could be a service agreement for them to replace your roof. After inspecting, they will say you definitely need work done and pressure you to get it done right away, saying that your insurance will pay for it. Some will even ask you to sign off for them to negotiate with your insurance provider directly. After the work is ordered, the crew that arrives to do the work usually doesn’t have any branding from the company because they will typically hire out any available crew they can find. The work itself is often rushed and completed to low standards, and if any issues arise with the roof after the fact, the party responsible has already disappeared. Don’t worry, here’s how you can avoid being exploited by impostors. 

Check To Make Sure They Are Qualified

Look for their licenses and certifications on their website, or ask to see paperwork in person. If a roofing company is not properly licensed, insured, and qualified to do the work, you won’t want them getting on your roof. This won’t prevent storm chasers with all their documents from knocking on your door, but the first step is to avoid unskilled and inadequate roofers compromising the integrity of your home. 

Verify The Potential Damage First

If someone comes to inform you that your roof has sustained damage, it may seem like they want to help, and that may be the case. However, it won’t hurt to get a second opinion from someone you trust. Contact your insurance company, and you can even call a roofing business in your area if you know of one. A door-to-door salesperson will make you feel like your house will flood or your roof will collapse immediately, but don’t be fooled. While valid repair needs should be addressed in a timely manner, you will do yourself a favor by involving qualified people with your best interests in mind.

Review Contracts Before You Sign

Whether signing up for a new account or subscription or signing off for a contractor to work on our home, we encounter terms and conditions every day. It is unwise but unfortunately not uncommon to agree to these terms without knowing what we are giving consent for. A roofing company should be open to answering any questions you have clearly and truthfully. At Quality Roofing Pro we are transparent and honest with our agreements, we don’t use confusing or vague language. You should always feel good about what you are agreeing to. 

Choose an Experienced Local Roofing Company

Storm chasers may make enticing promises but don’t fall for scams. If you are in need of emergency roof repair, your best bet is to choose the best local roofing company you can find. We hope you found this article helpful. At Quality Roofing Pro, our name explains it all. Serving west central Illinois and southeast Iowa, we use the highest quality materials and our team is knowledgeable and professional. Whether you need storm damage repair, are building a new home, or otherwise, we would love to help you find the right solution for you. Stop in our office in downtown Monmouth, or give us a call at (309) 371-4436 today.

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