Solar Panel For Homes

100% clean, pure and sustainable renewable energy. Save green while going green!

Immediate Savings!

Go solar for $0 down and save on energy! By going solar, you lock in an energy rate for 25 years and beyond.

Energy Independence

Own your energy. Break free from monopolized utility companies. No longer rely on a power plant to provide your family's energy.

Tax Credits

The government will pay you to go solar! It's true. This year, the government will pay you 30% of the total cost to go solar.

Home Asset

A study by Lawrence Berkeley indicates a median sized residential solar system can increase your home's value by 4-6%.

Here are the top reasons solar makes sense for our roofing customers:

With many brands under our portfolio, we are able to provide customized Solar systems to best fit each customer’s needs.

The average homeowner lowers their monthly bill by 5-40% each month. If someone told you that you could have locked in gas prices 25 years ago, would you have said yes?

Top Solar Products

We offer a diversified product offering of Tier 1 products. Our customers are only offered the top products in the industry.

Competitive Pricing

We have the best prices in the industry. Also equipped with multiple financing or lease options.

Best Warranties

Rest assured your solar products are backed by the top warranties. We also offer an optional bumper to bumper warranty, not too many companies can say that.

Seamless Experience

We treat our customers like family and that is why we offer a 5-star experience. Every customer is assigned a project manager who will keep them informed every step of the way.

If you have recently replaced your roof or are considering replacing your roof, there is no better time to explore going solar.

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We cover the West Central Illinois and surrounding Iowa areas.

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