QRP Teaches How Insurance Covers Roof Damage

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Jason Robbins and Jamie Shawler, co-owners of Quality Roofing Pro, know that insurance plays a large role when it comes to roof repairs. That’s why they took time to explain the steps homeowners need when working their insurance providers stating if homeowners get in contact with their insurance providers on time, it can save them thousands of dollars. 

First Step: Schedule a Roof Inspection

As soon as a storm has passed, the homeowner should call in roof inspectors to see if there is any damage from hail or fallen debris. Swift action is needed because insurance agencies, will only cover roof damage from storms for a specified amount of time; typically, only a year after the storm has occurred. During their inspection, they will look for shingles that are either missing, not adhered properly, or have granules knocked off. These three signs are clear signals that there is roof damage. 

Second Step: If damage is found, call your insurance agency

If damage is been found, it is time for homeowners to call their insurance agency to begin a claim. Your insurance agency will send out an insurance adjuster who will also inspect the roof for damages. Once they have confirmed the damages found, both the insurance agency and roofing company will outline the work that needs to be completed.

Third Step: Determining the price

The scope of work will allow for the roofing company to come to a firm price for the homeowner’s new roof. This price will be determined by a multitude of factors including the height of the roof, steepness, and the type of shingles the homeowner wants. Luckily, your insurance agency should cover most if not all of the costs for a new roof. Additionally, many homeowners are concerned about their insurance rates rising, but that simply will not happen. Roof damage is considered an “Act of God” and therefore it is not your fault thus protecting your rates.  So the next time a storm passes by, don’t hesitate to call a roof inspector and protect your home

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