Three Important Questions Before You Hire A Roof Company

It is scary to hire a roofer without the sense of confidence that you have found the right company for the job. How can you know if the roofing company you are dealing with is a qualified professional who does quality work? Quality Roofing Pro wants every homeowner in Aledo, Monmouth, Galesburg, Quad Cities, and surrounding cities to have confidence when tackling a roof replacement project. In this article, we will share three important answers you need to know before you hire a residential roofing company. 


In these modern days of the internet and smartphones, cold-call sales to residents are quickly becoming a thing of the past; unless you’re talking roofs. Many storm-chasing roof replacement companies will knock on residents’ doors in areas where storm damage is reported. 

Don’t be fooled by the high pressured salesman! The best way to find a quality roofer near you is to ask your neighbors, friends, family, or insurance agent for recommendations. Word of mouth and personal recommendations is a safe way to move forward when getting quotes from roofing companies. A quality roofer will come to your home and inspect the roof and provide you with a written estimate and the time to review the information. Never commit to a project if you are rushed into making a decision with little information from an unfamiliar company. 


Why is it important to hire a roofing company with local offices? When making the financial investment in residential roof replacement it is important to work with a company that will be there should you have any follow-up needs or concerns in the days and months after the project is complete. A storm-chasing roof company will be in town for short time and may be unreachable since they tend to move onto a new area. 

Your roof is too important to leave any questions or concerns in the hands of a stranger. Working with a local roofing company allows you to have peace of mind. A local residential roofing company will likely stand by its work in the future because reputation matters. For the same reason you should ask for roofing recommendations when you need them, a local company will count on you to tell your friends and neighbors about their quality work.


After considering the size of your roof project, the size of the roofer’s crew will make the biggest difference in how long your residential roof project may take. Quality Roofing Pro advises that you ask the roofing company representative how long your project is estimated to take. Homeowners should be cautious of answers that involve a long time frame, or an extremely short one. If the roofing company wants money now but indicates they cannot get to your project within a reasonable amount of time be cautious as you may be dealing with an unreputable company. Likewise, if a roofing company indicates they can start immediately you should question how they can get a crew or materials that quickly. Proceed with caution with any roofers whose promises are too good to be true.

When you need a new roof, roof repair, or roof replacement you can feel confident working with locally owned Quality Roofing Pro. Quality Roofing Pro has over 100 years of combined roofing experience. Call Quality Roofing Pro and speak with a live, local, and experienced roofer. Call for a free estimate at (309) 371-4436 or click the Get Free Quote button. We’re here to keep your home covered.

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