Three Benefits of Scheduling a Residential Roof Inspection

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As a homeowner, you have a lot to think about when it comes to home maintenance. Not to add one more thing to your to-do list, but Jason and Jamie at Quality Roofing Pro suggest that an inspection of your residential roof be a priority especially when the weather is changing. Here are three reasons why you should schedule a residential roof inspection.

Why Is My Roof Important?

First, it is important to note that a roof inspection is critical for your home because of the purpose your roof serves. You may be tempted to think of your roof as just the top of your house, or curb appeal but it does so much more! A good roof protects the value of your property, keeps your home energy efficient, and protects your family. 

Your Roof Keeps Your Home Efficient

Most importantly, a well-maintained roof will provide efficiency. A roof helps keep the temperature of your home appropriate in warm and cold seasons. If your roof needs repair, the weather can cause leaks and additional damage. In addition, energy costs can be affected when a roof is compromised. For example, even the smallest rear in your shingles or flashing is enough for Mother Nature to wreak havoc. A good roof inspector will examine these and many other aspects of your roof to determine if your roof shows signs of disrepair.

How Often Should I Get A Roof Inspection? 

Even if you have recently undergone a roof replacement project you will want to think about scheduling an inspection because many outside factors can affect the durability of your roof. This is no reflection on your roofing materials! Mother Nature can be harsh on roofs. A residential roof inspection will help identify clogged areas where water may pool due to debris. In addition, the wind can beat against shingles or weaken seals. Identifying and dealing with problems in a timely manner can help extend the reliability and durability of your roof. 

A Quality Roof Adds Value To Your Home

Lastly, roof inspections and roof maintenance will help your home look beautiful and hold its value. Your roof keeps your family safe and protected but it also is an investment you want to be proud of. You can’t control when storms beat on your roof but you can protect your roof with regular inspections and if needed, maintenance. 

Lucky for you Quality Roofing Pro is a truly local roofing company that cares. Owners Jason Robbins and Jamie Shawler have combined experience in roofing and construction to help homeowners all across the Warren, Henderson, Knox, and Mercer counties keep their roofs maintained and their families safe. 

If you want to know about your roof’s condition, call Quality Roofing Pro. Quality Roofing Pro offers 100% free, no obligation roof inspection and promises no high pressures sales pitches. Just a local company that cares for its neighbors. Call Quality Roofing Pro today at 1 (309) 371-4436 and ask for a free home roof inspection before winter is here. 

If you would like to know more about what to ask a roofing professional when you are in need of a roof replacement check out Quality Roofing Pro’s blog “Three Important Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Roofing Company”.

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