3 Common Residential Roof Problems And How To Avoid Them

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A house is not a home without a roof. Windows and basements, awnings, and porches are optional, but your house will never be home sweet home without a roof. That means the roof of a house is the most important part of the structure, and it plays an integral role in protecting your family. Therefore, it is vital to keep your roof in good condition and ensure that repairs are made as soon as possible if any problems arise. Unfortunately, roofs can become compromised for a variety of reasons. Here are three common residential roof problems for your consideration. Quality Roofing Pro wants you to know them, so you can keep your roof in good condition


Quality Roofing Pro is a local and experienced residential roofing company that wants home property owners to get a long life from their roofs by avoiding these 3 common problems:

  1. Inspect your roof for missing shingles. Shingles are the layer that protects your home from the weather. If missing, water can get into your home and cause damage.
  2. Inspect around your home for shingle granules. If the sandpaper-like material is on the ground or collecting in your gutters your roof may be compromised. 
  3. Inspect roofs for tree debris. Fallen leaves, nuts, or fallen limbs can cause direct damage to your shingles. Ensure any tree debris is cleared off the roof and gutters.

How Do I Know If I Am Missing Shingles?

While you can stand out in the yard and take a look up at your roof it’s not always simple to know if you have lost or compromised shingles on your roof. For example, depending on how time or weather has impacted your roof you may notice that shingles can lose their effectiveness as it ages. In addition, shingles can loosen in soggy areas, when exposed to high wind, or even due to pesky animals. Observe your roof and look for loosened or missing shingles. If you find any of these problems replacing the shingle quickly can ward off leaks and future damage. 

Should I Worry If I Notice Shingle Granules? 

Residential roofing shingles are granular to the touch like sandpaper. The purpose is to help protect your home against weather conditions. However, the granules can loosen and separate. If after a strong storm you notice granules around your home, this is an indication that some damage may have been done. Additionally, check your gutters for roofing granules. If the granules have collected and are blocking the water flow in your gutter system, your roof and foundation could be affected. Your home’s gutter system is important to keep the water moving away from your home. Keeping it clear of any debris is very important. 

What Harm Can Trees Cause?

Neighborhoods lined with mature trees are beautiful. Families enjoy gathering in the shade and jumping into piles of colorful leaves in the fall. Trees are beloved for the way they enhance our lives, but it is important to be aware that trees can also cause havoc on our homes. Fallen limbs, debris, and leaves can very quickly affect a roof. Homeowners should observe their roofs for signs of damage caused by down limbs or other fallen debris regularly. Spring and autumn can be tough on roofs when tree leaves, seeds, or branches fall. Keep watch and clean any areas as soon as possible to avoid rot. 

If you want to keep your family safe and your home secure, you need a roof that is in good condition. Residential roof problems can cause serious, and sometimes expensive, damage if left untreated. Keeping an eye out for missing shingles, granules, and tree debris will help your roof last a long time. But if you question the condition of your roof or are interested in getting a free roof inspection for your peace of mind, trust your roof with a local and reputable residential roofing company. Quality Roofing Pro is located in Monmouth, Illinois, and serves homes all over West Central Illinois. To learn more about the benefits of a home roof inspection read our blog. To schedule a free appointment with Quality Roofing Pro call 1-309-371-4436 today!

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