Look Up! Here Are Three Things to Watch For This Autumn To Protect Your Home

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It is the dog days of summer in West Central Illinois and that means you may begin to notice the seasons changing. What can homeowners do to protect their roofs now before the leaves fall? Quality Roofing Pro wants you to have these three key items on your to-do list before the weather turns so that your roof will protect your home no matter what season it may be.

Gutter Care Counts!

There is an old saying that a house is only as good as its foundation. And while the experts at Quality Roofing Pro wouldn’t disagree, we know that keeping your home secure happens from the top down. A roof keeps your home safe from critters, leaks, and other weather elements. Your roof’s best friend is the gutter system.  Gutters work hand in hand with your roof to ensure any water runoff is quickly removed to protect the roof and foundation. There is no homeowner in the Midwest that loves thinking about their gutters, especially in autumn, however, in order for your roof to do its job, your gutters must be cleared of debris. 

Don’t Avoid The Attic!

Secondly, speaking of critters, Quality Roofing Pro suggests that every homeowner take the time to investigate the attic. Is there evidence of creatures who have found their way in? Spot any wet areas or apparent leaks? How is the chimney holding up? Your home will show you signs of wear and tear. Being an observant homeowner can save you precious time and money by exploring your attic’s condition.

Watch For Water!

Lastly, if your attic, porch, or ceilings show evidence of water stains Quality Roofing Pro recommends addressing those areas as soon as possible. Potential snowfall over the winter can really exasperate leaks making it more difficult to identify the source when snow piles up. The good news is that leaks are not always a sign that a complete roof replacement is necessary. However, working with a skilled roofing professional is important to be able to spot weak areas and address them appropriately. 

No homeowner wants to go looking for problems and Quality Roofing Pro knows it may be easier to avoid looking up and around in these areas. However, it is easier to address a small problem before it turns into a major headache. If you suspect you have a  roof in need of repair or possible replacement, you don’t have to despair. Quality Roofing Pro is an experienced roofing company that offers new roof installation, re-roofing, roof repair, and roof replacement to residential homes in the West Central Illinois area. Quality Roofing Pro has over 100 years of combined experience working on roofs. Our clients experience exceptional customer service and an installation team that prides itself on quality work done swiftly and neatly. Quality Roofing Pro offers free estimates and a no-pressure obligation for home roof inspections. Call (309) 371-4436 to talk with a team member at Quality Roofing Pro.

And if you do have a roofing contractor out to your home for an inspection you may enjoy reading this article “Three Important Questions Before You Hire a Roofing Company”.

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