Three Types of Insurance Coverage to Help Homeowners

Three Types of Insurance Coverage to Help Homeowners

Quality Roofing Pro understands that a roof replacement project can be stressful for homeowners. Understanding the scope of the project, financing options, and finding a company you trust are important steps in the process. In this article Quality Roofing Pro wants homeowners to know there are several types of insurance that can help finance a roof replacement project easing the burden and stress for many residents. 

Key Takeaways:

Homeowners have insurance to cover accidents and damage to the home and in this article Quality Roofing Pro has 3 ideas about what type of insurance can help cover a roof replacement project. 

  1. Homeowners Insurance: for damage done to your roof Homeowners Insurance can help with replacement costs.
  2. Flood Insurance: while an uncommon claim, it may be possible for some homeowners who live in a flood plain and carry flood insurance to use this insurance policy to help with roof replacement costs.
  3. Home Warranty Insurance: Home warranty is a product that can possibly cover certain repairs including your roof.

Homeowners need to know what kind of insurance policies they carry and the coverage they offer. 

Covering The Costs

The first insurance homeowners can look to help cover the costs of a roof replacement is homeowners insurance. Most standard homeowners insurance policies include coverage for damage caused by things like wind, hail, and falling tree debris. So if a storm causes damage or enough damage to your roof your homeowner’s insurance policy will help cover the costs. Quality Roofing Pro works with customers’ insurance companies to help homeowners navigate policy claims. 

Secondly, there may be an instance where flood insurance can help cover the costs of a homeowner’s roof replacement project. This type of insurance is specifically designed to cover damage caused by flooding if your home is in a flood-prone area and you have flood insurance. Flood insurance may have limitations and homeowners should work very closely with their policy issuer to help determine if flood insurance may be able to help pay for a new roof if their old one is damaged by flooding.


Lastly, in some cases, homeowners may also be able to use a home warranty to help cover the costs of a roof replacement. A home warranty is a type of insurance that covers certain repairs and replacements for items in your home, including your roof. Many home warranties include coverage for roof replacements, so if you have a home warranty, it’s worth checking to see if it includes this coverage.

It’s important to note that not all types of damage to your roof will be covered by insurance. For example, if your roof is old and begins to leak due to normal wear and tear, your insurance policy is unlikely to cover the costs of a replacement. Additionally, if you make any modifications to your roof that void its warranty, your insurance may not cover the costs of a replacement.

Quality Roofing Pro Is Here To Help!

The good news for homeowners is that there are several types of insurance that can help cover the costs of a roof replacement. It’s important to carefully review your insurance policy and understand what types of damage are covered to maximize your potential for coverage. It’s also a good idea to speak with a licensed insurance agent to get a better understanding of your coverage options. Quality Roofing Pro is a locally owned and trusted roofing company that works closely with homeowners filing claims for roof damage. Trust your roof replacement project with an experienced company like Quality Roofing Pro. Call Quality Roofing Pro today at 309-371-4436 or visit their website at 

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